From the largest stages and arenas to the director’s chair, from writing hit songs to creating characters on the silver screen; Wes Mack has established himself as a creative force of many forms. Mack broke into the country music scene in 2013 when he released his debut single “Duet” with no label or agent behind him at the time. The song reached number 9 on the Billboard chart and the video (Directed by Mack) went on to earn two CCMA nominations for Video and Video Director of the Year.   2013 also saw Mack win the inaugural CCMA Discovery Program as well as the Unsigned Only Music Competition, besting some 10,000 artists from around the world. Following these milestones, Mack signed a joint venture record deal with Universal Music Canada and Big Machine Records and spent much of 2014 writing and recording in Nashville. Armed with new music, Mack exploded outward in 2015: releasing his 3rd and 4th top 20 singles “Before You Drive Me Crazy” and “The Way You Let Me Down”, picking up his 6th CCMA nomination, and performing with Shania Twain across the nation on her “Rock This Country” farewell tour.

Mack’s highly anticipated debut album “Edge of the Storm” was released in September 2015 debuting at number 4 on the iTunes chart, but the music and writing that went into it began as early as Spring 2012. At the time, as an independent artist with no financial backing, Mack began writing and recording, piecing together one song at a time. The success of his debut single, along with powerful performances opening for Florida Georgia Line, Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert in 2013 landed Mack a home with Universal Music Canada and Big Machine Records. Working with his new team Mack wrote and recorded extensively in Nashville; performed to ecstatic fans with Shania Twain and at the Boots and Hearts, Craven, Cavendish and Havelock music festivals; took to the stage on the CCMA Awards show (while being nominated for songwriter of the year); and finally released the album, closing one chapter and beginning the next.

Mack took to country music at a young age, fueled by his surroundings in his home province of Alberta. At 11, Mack’s father taught him to play the guitar (he too was a musician, having had a number 1 hit song in Canada in 1969 playing in the band Sugar and Spice). Mack spent his teenage years growing out his hair playing in a band and learning to write and play numerous instruments. At 18 he moved to Vancouver with his band and continued to perform while picking up much knowledge in the world of recording and directing. “We just didn’t have the money to pay anyone to make videos or record our songs, so I learned to do it myself.” Mack’s behind the camera skills have served him well, as he has gone on to direct 11 music videos including four of his own, which have earned him multiple CCMA and BCCMA nominations for Music Video and Director of the Year.

While carving out his path as a musician, Mack has also chosen yet another form in which to create: as an actor. His resume has grown to include work on the television shows: Heartland, Smallville, Supernatural, The 100, Continuum, The Vampire Diaries, and Motive. He has also taken on roles in films: Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story, A Dog Named Christmas, and in the heart-wrenching CBC true story film The Phantoms. Between his time on numerous creative ventures, Mack has worked to give back to a number of institutions to which he owes much of his life. As a young child, Mack underwent heart surgery to correct a congenital heart defect. Now, as an adult, Mack has paired with the Cardiac Kids (in connection with the Sick Kids hospital in Toronto) and the Alberta Children’s Hospital in an effort to raise awareness and money for these organizations. “I’m always happy to help these folks out. They did so much for me, and for so many other kids; it feels good to try and pay it back.”

Mack continues to create new music and is preparing to hit the road in Summer 2016.