Recipe for Epic Oscar Party

By February 28, 2016Music

I’ve been having a rad time with my best friends at our annual Oscar Party for years… here is how:

Find a fun place where you can be loud as all hell… mix together:

-3 cups of all your best buds (one time we had to skype people in across 3 continents using guitar amps to make their heckling loud enough)

-4Tbsp of the right Oscar drinking game that allows you to peak in fun as they give out best picture (WARNING: my friend Alex fell over and smashed a glass table a couple year back because he chased this ingredient a bit too hard)

-36mL of yelling at the TV when you pick something wrong

-37mL of yelling at the TV when you pick something right

-1 Stone of not having any clue about Best Documentary Short

-14 grams of my music friends and me arguing over Sound Mixing and Editing

-5L of deciding who looks drunk in the audience

-5L of deciding who looks drunk in your house

-10 cups of hoping they let Travolta speak again

-1mL of enjoying any excuse to hang with your best buds


A couple of my Predictions:

Best Actor

Every one of these actors blew the doors off.  When you see footage of the real person, you realize Cranston took on his very soul in Trumbo; Damon may has well have been born to play Mark Watney in The Martian, in that the writing in the book feels like his exact way of speaking; Fassbender gives a very raw version of one of the most mythical figures of modern pop culture, Steve Jobs (and is likely my favorite performance of this year’s nominees); and Eddie Redmayne makes you hold your breath in every scene in The Danish Girl.  But Leo is taking this in my opinion.  The weight of his career is driving this one.  I think he was great in the Revenant, though I think his finest work (perhaps The Aviato) being overlooked in the past is why he will win.  The boy is due.

Best Actress

Brie Larson… watch Room and tell me I’m wrong.

Best Song

“Till It Happen To You” from The Hunting Ground

This song is haunting and powerful, much like the film it is part of.  It shines a light on sexual abuse and the horrific degree of sweeping under the carpet going on around it to this day.  Gaga nails the performance.

Best Picture

It’s almost Oscar time and this is one of the categories I can’t decide on… which is likely a good thing for the year of films in that there are some rad one.  I really enjoyed the pictures up for this award (perhaps Room is my favorite of the year, though I don’t know that it is going to get it).  The Revenant was so masterfully shot and pieced together and I feel it is a strong contender to win.  Spotlight was an extremely well executed “real” feeling piece, but I think it may lack the over the top shine to win it.  The Big Short was also telling a “real” story, but did it with such flash and bravado that I think it may have a shot.  If Birdman has not won last year I’d feel more solid in calling The Revenant, but it did… so… I’m hooped.

Will Win: The Revenant

Might Prove Me Wrong: Spotlight

Wicked moment in one of these films: WHEN DAVID BOWIE’S STARMAN KICKS ASS IN THE MARTIAN!

 Enjoy the show.